Quitting Keto




A ketogenic diet can improve endurance during longer cardio workouts by allowing the body to use stored fat for energy. Fat has thousands of calories, whereas glucose contains only a few. During a marathon, fat-adapted runners used up to 2.3 times as much fat as their high-carb counterparts. This is a big boost in energy during a marathon! In addition, the diet can increase muscle mass. Here are a few benefits of a ketogenic diet for endurance athletes.

Exercise is important to maintaining the body’s shape and promoting mental and heart health. However, if you’re on a ketogenic diet, exercising can be difficult because you’re restricted in carbohydrates. However, there are a variety of exercises that can help you lose weight while on a ketogenic diet. If you’re pursuing a more physically challenging goal, such as a faster recovery time, you can try lifting weights, swimming, or biking. Each type of exercise provides a different benefit, so you can choose which type of exercise is best for your body.

You can increase your daily exercise routine by varying your cardio and weight lifting sessions. Try doing these activities two to three times a week, and alternate between them. Make sure to avoid doing them on the same day to avoid fatigue. Then, if you find it difficult to do cardio on a daily basis, try weight lifting instead. It will give you both the energy you need and prevent fatigue. Just remember to avoid alcohol and unhealthy drinks. You should also opt for zero-sugar beverages.

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