The WRONG Way to Measure Ketosis – Ph.D Explains the BEST Way

I think there is a bit of a fallacy you don’t really need to be able to track things while you do the low carb or keto, it doesn’t matter what to your calories, or any other metrics

This doctor has an incredible background.

Monitoring is extremely important, there are many reasons to do this it becomes essential if you’re using Ketosis for managing a medical condition.  You want to make sure that you are actually In a state called ketosis, and the only way to do it is by doing

It is important to know what it means to be a successful at dieting.  You’re following the correct diet there is a steep learning curve.

The diet when you put in the effort and time you can actually measure your ketones the simple act of measuring ketones simple i don’t mean it could be correlated to It is also important to track your calories.

This is a behavior tool that can be used for its own purposes.  You should know three things about the breath ketones

Maximum of five times per day

This is actually a behavior.

Modifications that guarantee compliance

Awareness and insight into your life

You’re more likely than not to have a healthy metabolism

Follow these steps

Follow a diet that is balanced.

Adjust your calories if you are aware of how much you are in ketosis.

Why You Need a Keto Class


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