The Only Food WORSE than SUGAR


Among the many benefits of a Ketogenic diet is its ability to boost muscle mass. While carbohydrate restriction is not beneficial for strength and power, the diet can provide a variety of benefits for strength training. During a workout, muscles require a greater amount of water than they would with a carbohydrate-only diet. Strength and power are essential for a successful cardio routine, but when done improperly, this diet can have the opposite effect.

The weight loss associated with a ketogenic diet is water weight. Depending on your metabolism, you may lose more or less weight than you did before you started the diet. This is because the drastic reduction of carbohydrates causes insulin levels to drop and allows the kidneys to excrete excess sodium. When you eat less carbohydrates, your body is not able to store as much fat, which causes water weight to disappear. However, this weight loss is temporary and will return once your body returns to a normal diet.

While the keto diet may improve athletic performance, it is not recommended for all athletes. Exercises that require high-energy bursts may decrease the amount of fat used by the body. But steady-state aerobic activity is an ideal environment for a ketogenic diet. If you are serious about your fitness goals, a keto diet might be the perfect option. Just make sure to do research to make sure it is right for you. The more research you do, the better.

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