Sweet Summer Treat (3 ingredients)

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in delightful sweet treats. In this blog post, we will explore a quick and easy recipe that requires only three simple ingredients. Whether it is for a refreshing afternoon snack or a dessert after dinner, this sweet summer treat is sure to satisfy your cravings. So, let’s dive in and discover how to create this irresistible delight with minimal effort.


In today’s article, we will be reviewing a delightful sweet summer treat that requires only three ingredients. This recipe is brought to you by the renowned Dr. Boz, also known as Annette Bosworth, MD. Dr. Boz is a distinguished medical professional who offers a variety of health resources and recommendations through her popular YouTube channel. Let’s dive into the details and learn more about Dr. Boz’s channel and the exciting content she provides.

Dr. Boz Channel: A Hub for Health Resources and Recommendations

Dr. Boz’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of valuable resources related to health and wellness. With her extensive medical background, Dr. Boz provides insights and guidance on various topics ranging from nutrition and weight loss to mental health and brain function. Her content is expertly curated to educate and empower individuals seeking to improve their well-being.

Mark Your Calendars: Dr. Boz Goes Live Every Tuesday at 6PM Eastern/5PM Central

For those eager to engage with Dr. Boz in real-time, mark your calendars for her weekly live sessions every Tuesday at 6PM Eastern/5PM Central. This interactive format allows viewers to ask questions and receive answers directly from Dr. Boz herself. It’s an excellent opportunity to access reliable information and gain valuable insights from a respected medical professional.

Free Resources to Kickstart Your Health Journey

Dr. Boz believes in making health information accessible to everyone. As such, she offers numerous free resources on her channel. These resources include the “50 Keto Fat-Facts” document, offering valuable insights into the keto diet, and the Dr. Boz Ratio Spreadsheet, which helps individuals maintain their macronutrient balance. Additionally, Dr. Boz provides a Documentary Playlist filled with informative and educational content related to health and wellness.

Online Courses for a Deeper Understanding: Consistently Keto and BRAINS

For those looking to delve deeper into the realm of health and nutrition, Dr. Boz offers two online courses. “Consistently Keto” provides a comprehensive guide to adopting and maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle. It includes practical tips, customizable meal plans, and expert advice from Dr. Boz herself. On the other hand, “BRAINS” is an empowering course designed to enhance brain function through nutrition, sleep, movement, and mindset.

Support Dr. Boz: Share Content and Consider Products

If you find value in Dr. Boz’s content, there are several ways you can support her channel. Firstly, make sure to share her informative videos with friends and family who may benefit from the information provided. Additionally, Dr. Boz has created a range of products designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. These products include the Food Guide, offering practical advice on keto-friendly meals, and the K2+D3 supplement, supporting bone and immune health.

Explore Additional Products for Optimal Health

Beyond her primary offerings, Dr. Boz has developed various other products to support overall well-being. Ketones-In-A-Can provides a convenient and delicious way to incorporate exogenous ketones into your diet. The MCT C8:C10 softgels offer a convenient source of medium-chain triglycerides, promoting energy and supporting brain health. Moreover, the At Home Vit D Test Kit allows individuals to assess their vitamin D levels easily.

Discover Dr. Boz’s Authorship: “ANYWAY YOU CAN” and “KetoCONTINUUM”

If you are seeking comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about health and wellness, Dr. Boz’s books are a must-read. “ANYWAY YOU CAN” provides a holistic perspective on how to regain and maintain health using the ketogenic diet as a tool. “KetoCONTINUUM” dives deeper into the science behind ketosis and its impact on overall well-being. These books are excellent resources for individuals looking to transform their lives through nutrition.

Expand Your Health Arsenal: BozMD.com Recommendations

To further equip yourself with valuable health tools, visit BozMD.com. Here, Dr. Boz provides recommendations on various products that can enhance your well-being. Take, for example, the Keto-Mojo Ketone and Glucose Testing Kit, which allows you to monitor your ketone and glucose levels accurately. Additionally, the Omega 3 Index test can help assess your fat and cholesterol levels, providing insights into your cardiovascular health.

Consult a Physician for Personalized Medical Advice

While Dr. Boz’s content is filled with valuable information, it is essential to note that she does not provide direct medical advice on her channel. For specific health questions and concerns, it is always recommended to consult with a physician who can provide personalized guidance based on individual circumstances.


In conclusion, Dr. Boz’s YouTube channel offers a wealth of health resources and recommendations. Through her engaging content and live sessions, individuals can access valuable insights into various health topics. Whether you’re looking to adopt a ketogenic lifestyle, improve brain function, or optimize your overall well-being, Dr. Boz has something to offer. Additionally, her range of products and personalized recommendations can further support your health journey. Remember to consult a physician for personalized medical advice, and make the most of the valuable resources provided by Dr. Boz.

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