These 6 Foods Increase Blood Glucose MORE THAN SUGAR (a lot)

10 Foods to Avoid That Spike Blood Sugar and Glucose Levels

It’S very important to distinguish between a clean fast and a fast that is only is a terrible doesn’t necessarily mean your results aren’t good or that you’re not getting the desired dirty fast is simply

Are high HDL levels harmful?

Exploring the Risks: Can High HDL Cholesterol Levels Be Harmful When Cholesterol Is Too High?

We have heard it for years that elevated levels of hdl are This is because it was the good You can see my air It’s likely not new study has shown that this is not the…

The Reason Everyone is QUITTING Intermittent Fasting (if only they knew)

The Top 5 Reasons People Quit Intermittent Fasting and How to Overcome Them?

Why is intermittent fasting so popular? It is so works so well that people would never want to stop using do i see so many things about people? I’m too not working for me ready to make a…

The WRONG Way to Measure Ketosis - Ph.D Explains the BEST Way

The Best Way to Measure Ketosis: Understanding Ketones in Urine and Blood Levels

I think there is a bit of a fallacy you don’t really need to be able to track things while you do the low carb or keto, it doesn’t matter what to your calories, or any other metrics This doctor…

Are CARBS DAMAGING Aerobic Performance | In Depth Review Cardiac Muscle Tissue

Do Carbohydrates Damage Aerobic Performance?: A Comprehensive Review

Why wouldn’t athletes do lower carb protocols if it was so beneficial for performance? You wouldn’t see athletes who are more endurance-oriented following lower carb of them eat a higher glycemic diet, which means they are still consuming a lot…

Ketones benefit heart failure

Ketogenic Diet and Heart Failure: Exploring the Benefits of Ketone Bodies

A new study reports exogenous ketones improve heart function for critically ill patients with congestive heart Although this was a small study, it could have profound impact on how we treat heart failure, both with supplements and with

THIS is why People are QUITTING KETO | Research Finds Nutrient Deficiency

Quitting Keto

References   A ketogenic diet can improve endurance during longer cardio workouts by allowing the body to use stored fat for Fat has thousands of calories, whereas glucose contains only a During a marathon, fat-adapted…

THIS Happens After ONE NIGHT of Bad Sleep (insulin resistance) #shorts

Ketosis and Bad Sleep: 10 Ways to Manage and Prevent Keto Insomnia

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular methods to lose This type of diet was originally developed to treat neurological disorders, but the benefits are still applicable for weight Ketogenic dieters may even be able to…

4 Minerals that Increase BRAIN Performance & STOP Tiredness

Brain Performance and Minerals: The Power of Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Brain Health

A Ketogenic diet may seem like the low-fat diet fad of the However, this low-carb diet is actually full of healthy Leafy vegetables, like spinach and kale, are considered keto-friendly and packed with essential vitamins and These…

Quitting Keto | When I Eat Carbs (and when I DON’T)

When to Eat Carbs on the Keto Diet for Effective Weight Loss? 

If you’ve been following the low-fat diet trend for years, the ketogenic diet may be a foreign concept to However, it does have many benefits, including a reduced risk of One of the key ingredients of a ketogenic…