Have you heard about higher satiety eating?

Have you heard about higher satiety eating and wonder how it is different from a high protein or moderate low carb diet? There are similarities and differences you should know. Here’s a discussion about those details and what it may mean for you achieving healthy weight loss and improved health.

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The Ketogenic diet is a way to burn excess body fat and increase good cholesterol levels. In addition, it lowers insulin levels, which lowers cholesterol production. Consequently, a ketogenic diet can reduce the risk of heart conditions such as high blood pressure, hardened arteries, and heart failure. The long-term effects of the diet may not be clear at this time, but this diet can help to lower the risk of some types of cancer.

Although it might seem like it’s not a good idea to work out on a ketogenic diet, it does not compromise your cardio workout performance. In fact, you can exercise at a moderate intensity for longer periods without getting tired. CDC guidelines state that an individual’s heart rate must be between 85 and 119 bpm in order to be considered moderately active. However, a person’s exercise routine should not be altered unless it is completely unavoidable.

In contrast, a low-carb diet contains more proteins and fat than carbohydrates. Its main aim is to help you lose weight by breaking down fat and protein for energy. While this may seem like a good idea, there are many side effects to this diet, and not all of them are positive. In some cases, it can even make you sick. However, if you’re considering starting a ketogenic diet, make sure you talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits before you begin.

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